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Digital Consultancy Solutions has been around since CCTV systems were first launched in South Africa. DCS became the retail arm of V-Cam and is now completely independent to focus on and service the end user market.

DCS has since widened its product portfolio to specialize in all high-tech security and asset protection systems and is a verified partner of a wide range of credible manufacturers and suppliers with customers across Africa.


We are fully BEE compliant.

Major brands that we have used in the past include: Avigilon, Axis ,ISS, Dahua and Hickvision and we continuously keep ourselves informed and up to date  with new technologies and best practice available in HD Analogue and IP CCTV as well as access control. 

Besides camera installations we have also supplied and installed for a major shipping company Container Recognition and ANPR as well as RFID of which we where the first and still going strong, for the prevention of accidents, not only in South Africa, but as far afield as Tanzania, Kenya and Kampala.

What should I use – Analogue or IP ?

What should I use- analogue or IP? 

There is no short answer but from an image quality there should be no difference pixel for pixel. You may look at an analogue camera as an eye only and an IP camera as a camera with brains, the decision which suits you best is really what AI (artificial intelligence) can do for you like:  

 Rules could be set for a “virtual fence” or intrusion into a pre-defined area. Rules could be set for directional travel, object left behind, crowd formation and some other conditions.  

Face Recognition, ANPR ( Automatic number plate recognition), container number recognition, heat maps, age categorizing and behaviour analysis for identifying marketing opportunities in retail, que analysis at till points to improve customer service, body temperature reading in large crowds ensuring safety, counting people entering and leaving, face mask wearing, live stock and objects counting.  

These are some of the most popular AI with many more being continuously developed. 

Also of consideration is future expansion plans and needs, camera installation over 32 should be considered for IP. 


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